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Distributor Testimonial

Since distributors often have extensive experience with the products they handle, their testimonials are seen as credible and trustworthy. They provide insights not just about the product's quality but also about the company's reliability and customer service.

Distance Protection

Appliances 4 Less grants exclusive territorial rights to distributors. This means that a distributor agrees not to open another store within a certain distance or area around an existing distributor's location.

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Joining the QGA4L Alliance

We have specialized personnel to assist you and evaluate from the beginning of store location selection. All the support needed to open a store is provided for you.

Sales Training

Including but not limited to sales training, delivery installation training, maintenance training, advertising training, after-sales training, etc. We require 30 hours of internship in star retail stores (may be provided by a third party, additional fees are required) and 20 hours of warehouse training.

Appliances Industry

We hope that all regional exclusive sales partners and those who intend to become regional exclusive sales partners can know our future direction, the market structure of the home appliance industry, the different qualities of home appliances, and product classifications, and become experts in the home appliance industry.

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