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Store Manager (TX22)

Full Time
Posted 1 month ago
  1. Receive the customers with a positive attitude and body language (smile, upbeat tone, etc.).
  2. When not directly answering questions and assisting, give the customer space. Maintain a proper distance while receiving customers (around 7 fridges distance) to protect customers’ privacy and be ready for assistance.
  3. After checking customers out, use the review QR code to ask the customers if they would leave us a 5-star review with a $30 discount.
  4. Become familiar with appliances, including basic functionalities and unique features of different models.
  5. Maintain the cleanliness of the store, including floor, reception counter, and appliances. Fridges must be cleaned inside and out when new shipments arrive. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves need to be checked and cleaned. 
  6. Identify scratched or dented fridges, of which doors could be switched with available doors on other scratched or dented fridges, and switch the doors to make higher valued fridges with no dent or scratches. (This step may need some cleaning to see clearly).
  7. Update price tags when dented/scratched/broken parts are replaced.
  8. Align appliances, especially refrigerators, in a neat line. Same models should be positioned together. Washer and dryer with pedestals should be positioned before the ones without pedestals.
  9. Move appliances in position when the new shipment comes in and fill in gaps after appliances are sold. 
  10. Prepare price tags for new shipments.
  11. Prepare appliances for customer delivery.
  12. Contact customers for remaining payment before delivery.
  13. Update financing system payment status.
  14. Wear store uniform shirts if they are available and preferably long pants and closed toe shoes.
  15. Contact customers to schedule repairs if needed. 
  16. Collect customer feedback.

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